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Priyesh's Brain Drizzles II

think of this as my beach house when I'm not at blogger!

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pri hindi wii



June 28th, 2008

My syndicated feed

pri hindi wii
Hey everyone who reads my blog through here :)

My friend TamTam was nice enough to make a syndicated feed of my blog! YAY

If you add that to your friend list it should show my blog posts on your friendspage even though I don't post to LJ :)

Thanks! Oh and I do have a new entry right now.. so be sure to check it out

June 17th, 2008

Hey everyone, I need to know... who reads my posts through Live Journal?

I am trying to decide if its worth it to double post anymore.. I started doing this because a lot of my friends were only reading their friendspage and not using RSS feeds or checking my blog. But I think RSS feeds are pretty mainstream by now so its probably safe to retire this livejournal.

post a comment and let me know your opinion, should I continue double posting?

You can subscribe to my blog by putting this into your RSS reader (I use netvibes.com):

The blog itself is here:

Thanks, bye!

June 10th, 2008

And I'm back...

pri hindi wii
Current mood: exhausted

We're finally back in the US and our vacation is over. The plane ride was ok.. I watched Harry Potter 1 and 2 which was pretty cool, I managed to miss the whole series so far (except for seeing parts of the first 2 movies on TV). There was a girl sitting next to me on the plane who was pretty chatty at first, but then I did something really dumb. When I fell asleep I had a dream where I was talking to my brother, but he was being his usual arrogant self and I went to punch him... I woke up as I punched the seat in front of.. not me.. the girl sitting next to me! :D it seems funny now but I must have scared her pretty bad. And then I go and try to "explain" it by telling her its because I was punching my brother in my dream.. too late though. Never said a word after that.. and avoided me the whole time. Its pretty hilarious when I think about it now... :D

The flight had really good food and I did sleep some (as mentioned :P). Unfortunately my parents and brother somehow ended up with the "special veg" meals.. which are the "no eggs, no onions, no garlic" meals (jain meals). Dad must have selected something wrong or something :P I got the normal veg meal which had paneer! :D hehehehe

Now its time to clean up and prepare for my graduation party on Sunday. So many people coming we need to be prepared! And I need to pack for my Texas move. I'm not taking much furniture with me.. gonna buy most of it when I get there.. except maybe my bookshelf and the TV stand.

OH and pictures.. there has been a lot of confusion about needing a facebook acount to view my albums. Thats because I accidentally posted the non-public link for album 2. Here are the PUBLIC links for my facebook albums:

India Trip part 1

India Trip part 2

And I posted all my pictures without commentary here:

I will be making a part 3 with commentary but I have no idea when.

Sees ya later,

June 8th, 2008

Main title hoon

pri hindi wii
Current mood: sad and happy

So today is our last day in India for this trip at least. Next time will be a few years later. It was fun to meet all the relatives and see all the places from my childhood. During the final packing my parents realized one of our bags had a broken chain :P So we had to give it for repair, the guy said it will be ready by 3pm.. thats cutting it kinda close. Our flight is at 11pm but since the rain has started here there will probably be a lot of traffic.

I already beat Phoenix Wright 1,2 and 3 and I forgot to bring Apollo Justice :\ But I will just play Puzzle Quest :D I am officially readdicted to that game! I'm level 27 now and rising!

See ya later!

June 6th, 2008

So many updates!

pri hindi wii
Current mood: great

I finally finished transcribing my journal entries, I also uploaded some of my pictures. I took LOTS of pictures and I didn't want to upload them all at once. I did manage to do some of my photo-biography. I took pictures of the place I used to live and places of my childhood. I'll post that later. For now heres part 2 of my India album:

I'll also post an update with links to all my India updates in it for those that missed them.


Edit: I accidentally posted the non-public link to the album.. this one will let you view the pictures without having a facebook account.. enjoy!


pri hindi wii
Its already June! Time flies when you're having fun. This is our last week in India, no idea when I'll be back here next. Could be next year, could be another 6 years. Heres a quick recap of my entire trip!

  • Arrived in Mumbai (May 13)
  • Shopping and staying at Aunt Usha's
  • Staying at my cousin Tinu's place (YAY Wi-Fi!)
  • Stayed at a rented flat in Kandivali
  • Gujurat trip with Aunt Usha
    • Train ride in first class to Rajkot
    • Rajkot, visited my cousin Jignasha
    • Virpur, visited the famous Jalarambapa temple
    • Gondol, stayed at BAPS temple and visited Bhuvaneshwari temple
    • had an awesome dinner at a road-side "dhaba" called "Parotha House"
    • Saranpur, stayed at BAPS temple, visited Bajrangbali (Lord Hanuman) temple
    • Rajkot, stayed at cousin's in-laws' place
    • Train ride in first class back to Mumbai
  • Back to Aunt Usha's for a day... electricity goes out on a hot Mumbai night -_- couldn't sleep until lights come back at 2:30 am
  • Gujurat trip by rented car
    • Dahanu, visited Mahalaxmi temple where I had my first ritual hair-cut as an infant (the custom is to let the baby's hair grow until a certain point when it is all shaved at a temple)
    • Bilimora, stayed at Uncle Prakash's place, visited my childhood memories
    • Sachin, visited mom's uncle
    • Surat, visited dad's older sister Madhu and lots of other people
    • Navsari, stayed at Uncle Anil and Naresh's place, visited my mom's tutor from the college days
    • Khadsupa, visited mom's older uncle which is also where my great-grandmother lived until she passed away a few years ago (at the age of 104). I met her last time I came 6 years ago
    • Vapi, visited my aunt's old place and Babukaka who is the caretaker and also took care of my brother and I when we were little
    • Goregaon (Mumbai), visited my dad's older brother Mahendra
    • back to Aunt Usha's
  • Stayed at Aunt Usha's for the week until Friday (lights didn't go out this time!)
  • Visited my dad's older brother Chandravadhan (who is over years older than him!) and then had an awesome dinner at my dad's close friend R.F. Sawant's place
  • Visited Evershine Nagar which is where we used to live, I asked nicely and the watchman let me in to take pictures :P
  • Then we visited InOrbit mall in Malad, had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays (VERY expensive =-O). We watched Indiana Jones 4 (they ruined it) and then went home to have dinner with Aunt Usha.
  • Went shopping on Linking Rd for shoes that match our new outfits, we had lunch at Subway.. but electricity went out so we had to eat cold subs -_-
  • Travelled with all our luggage in a taxi to Chembur district to my cousin Tinu's place again.
  • Used the Wi-Fi to upload pictures and transcribe my journal entries :P
Wow, that was a long update. But I had to write it all down

May 30th, 2008

Gujurat trip part 2

pri hindi wii
Our second trip to Gujurat is about to end. This time we hired a driver from Mumbai to drive to Bilimora (my mom's hometown). There we stayed at my uncle Prakash's place (my mom's cousin). I remembered my childhood memories of that town. It was fun hanging out with my cousin Ankit. Then we left from there this morning for Surat (FYI: my Animal Crossing town is named after this town!). I got to meet one of my dad's sisters there (aunt Madhu) and I also got to meet another one (Aunt Ratna) on our way to Bilimora. We met lots of people in Surat and everyone insisted we eat or drink something :P Its just the Indian way... never let the guest leave without feeding them something even if they might throw up :D Now we're in Navsari at my other uncle's place (Uncle Anil). We'll be leaving for Mumbai in the morning. I'll probably get internet again next weekend before leaving.


May 27th, 2008

Choo choo again

pri hindi wii
I'm on the train again on my way back to Mumbai. Our trip to Gujurat was a success. It was fun to go to the famous temples and visit the villages. It was really nice to go out of Mumbai finally and see another side of India. It was also great to be able to bond with my aunt Usha (my dad's elder sister). Kunal and I both got along with her really well. After our road trip we stayed at my cousin's in-laws' place in Rajkot. They had Wi-Fi there but it stopped working when I tried to upload pictures today. Oh well, I'll get another chance later.

Theres another thing I did in Rajkot before we left. See below


May 25th, 2008

Gujurat trip part 1

pri hindi wii
Yesterday went pretty well, we did lots. After arriving in Rajkot we went to my cousin's place. Shes married now with a son but he doesn't get along with new people much :P Then we drove about an hour to Virpur to visit the temple there. then we drove to Gondol to the B.A.P.S. temple. They have rooms for people to stay in (as long as you have a reference) so we rented two rooms (free) for the night. After that we went to another temple and then to the Bhuvaneshwari temple. We spent most of our time at that temple because we had to wait for the prayer session to start at 7pm. I sat cross-legged for about 15 minutes straight and I thought my legs would fall apart! But I endured and prayed. The big deal about this temple is that the bells hanging above the statue of Goddess Durga shake and vibrate during the prayer ceremony ("aarti"). I think its probably because of the loud drums, but it could still be magic ;)

Then we went to eat at the "Parotha House". Wow. That was awesome, I had Butter Paneer, parathas (like thin naan) and buttermilk ("Chaas"). I truly felt like I was on vacation.

Now we're on our way to another temple in Saranpur, we'll eat lunch at some place along the way.


May 24th, 2008

Choo choo 2

pri hindi wii
That went pretty fast, only 2 more hours to go now. Until the train arrives at Rajkot. They serve breakfast (for a fee of course) and tea (Rs. 5/cup). Not bad though, it was good breakfast. Now we just have to wait...

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